Honeybee Creations

Honeybee Creations

Our Purpose

Provide inclusive training and development in Auslan (Sign Language), Deaf Awareness, Nonverbal Communication and Creative Arts.

Vision Statement

  1. To deliver engaging and motivating training that builds success for life.
  2. To inspire and make a difference.
  3. To be innovative whilst keeping it simple & sustainable for maximum impact.

Mission Statement

1. Portfolio

  • Auslan: We aim to target and educate hearing people to increase deaf awareness, teach sign language; and above all develop respect and appreciation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals in the community.
  • Nonverbal Communication: Through training and consultancy, we want to show people ways to utilise nonverbal communication tactics to build rapport with people and develop powerful communication skills.
  • Creative Arts: Through consultancy and training, we want to encourage people to explore the creative arts (drama, art and yoga) to develop creativity, confidence, healthy minds and bodies.

2. People

We believe in making our training fun and inclusive to the individual learner and group learners. We aim to appeal to people of all age groups, with diverse backgrounds and to those who strive to be better communicators.

3. Partnership

We believe in collaboration because we enjoy developing learning opportunities for new partners. As well, exchanging ideas, resources and establishing new relationships.


4. Planet

We want to inspire people to be the best they can be; discover ways to communicate beyond the spoken word; and learn how to be deaf-friendly citizens.

5. Productivity

To provide flexibility in learning formats and break down location barriers by being available online Australia wide.

6. Profit

We aim to be Australia’s leading business for Auslan, Deaf Awareness, Nonverbal Communication and Creative Arts Training in Education, Community & Business.

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